We love sharing our story, but we love it even more when someone else wants to share it as well!

When Brandon was just featured in a Canvas Revel magazine…
He got really vulnerable (well, you know, it is what we teach) and shared some real challenges we have faced in our business and in our life.

We are all facing Challenges…

It was such a timely publication because what we feel is happening in the world right now is really challenging.  We are seeing mental illness increase dramatically, relationships challenges, businesses struggle and people just feel like they are in survival mode without any real motivation to get out of it.  When we are in survival mode it is there for a reason.  It is to help us survive, and let’s be honest, we have NEEDED to survive the past few years!  The problem is that when we are in survival mode we are unable to really enjoy things.  We have our heads down, not enjoying or looking for the beauty in our lives and in the world!    Unfortunately, it can be challenge to get out of survival mode because it doesn’t feel safe,  and it doesn’t feel like we can trust that things will be OK if we start to let our guard down.

Trust us…we get it!  And Brandon certainly does, as he shares in this article!

Because of all the changes everyone has been through (not by any choice of our own), it’s no wonder that the thought of taking on our brains or thoughts can be the last thing we want to do.  It kind of feels like opening pandora’s box, not knowing what you are going to find and how it’s going to CHANGE your life (again!).

For anyone that experiences any kind of Anxiety, not feeling “certain”, “sure” or “in control” of things is something you probably avoid at ALL COSTS – right?!  What if we told you that the amount true happiness, fulfillment or joy in your life is in direct proportion to how much uncertainty, discomfort or variety you are willing to tolerate?

Read the Article!

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