Have you ever made one? If so did it help? Did it hurt? Where is it now? Do you have an updated one?
The emotions that drive a vision board are also a key component to bringing vision into a reality. It’s emotions that fuel the vision. What good and bad emotions are fueling you? And then what are the rules that allow you to feel these emotions? Individuals are driven more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure, so if we don’t make it easy to feel good, we may spend all our time avoiding emotions to make the vision happen. That’s a long and painful process. Learning about emotions and rules and practicing could be the game changer you need.
Some things we’ve learned over the last eighteen years working with people and their vision. The process needs to be part of the vision, not just outcome. Outcome alone can create frustration and disconnect, pushing the things you want further away. Focusing on the process, the activity, the people, the journey, the things that will bring the outcome into fruition. Focusing on both.
Healthy, Successful people build Castles in the sky. Neurotics furnish the castle. Psychotics move in.

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