Do you know which thoughts support your success?

Are you clear which thoughts sabotage your efforts? Most people aren’t. In fact, our research suggests, that sabotaging thoughts, running below the surface of awareness, are one of the main reasons most people (including Network Marketers and Direct Sales Professionals) don’t get what they want in their life and business.

Your process begins by completing our Hartman Value Assessment.

The Assessment takes five to ten minutes to complete and provides us with a comprehensive view of a person’s thought processes. It is based on the objective and formal science of axiological mathematics as developed at the Hartman Institute, University of Tennessee, and perfected by the Brandon Barber Coaching Group. This scientifically validated instrument measures how a person thinks, generating an output report that provides detailed information regarding an individual’s strengths and risks.

There are several common, success-thwarting thought patterns in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry we’ve studied.

Time and time again, we’ve witnessed these hard to catch, habitual mental patterns prevent even the most eager professionals from the success they desire and deserve.

At our Infinite Potential event, you’ll experience a dynamic learning environment, facilitated by our highly skilled-coaches. Participants will engage with presenters, coaches, and each other to discover the amazing growth that is possible when they push past the self-imposed limits that cause frustration, doubt, and fear.

Find out what resistance may be keeping you stuck.

We will help you identify the underlying sabotage and fear that causes shame, anxiety, depression, emptiness and relationship problems.  Once uncovered, we can help you move beyond self-judgement and into compassion.

We will help you realize your own power that will then help you to heal your own pain and eliminate false beliefs about yourself and others.


After scientifically assessing over half a million individuals over 18 years, we have found there are some key things required to change a person’s thought process for good. Having a coach or mentor hold a person accountable for new thought processes are vital for change.

Our coaching will hold your feet to the fire, as well as call you out on the stories and sabotage that are getting in your way.



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