Have you ever decided to do something new and ambitious…and then quit after a few weeks?

What will The Breakthrough do for you?

Weekly Workbook with worksheets & more

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Bonus monthly Coach appearances and new topics

Access to our Mindset Makeover Facebook group with all it’s benefits (including LIVES, worksheets, videos & more)



After a month in The Breakthrough you’ll start noticing that you feel…well, just better!

Your emotions aren’t so much of a rollercoaster. You’re getting more done and starting to feel more confident about your abilities and your worth. You’re a little nicer to yourself. You’re spending less time rebelling against the things you tell yourself to do…and you’ve learned some of the things that can “trigger” you into shutting down, freaking out, or blaming others.


After two months in The Breakthrough you’ll realize it’s been a while since you have focused on the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

Suddenly, you are focusing on feeling abundance and gratitude for what you already have.  You’re not focused on achieving to be happy, but rather “Happily achieving”.  You don’t get freaked out when something unexpected happens, because you know you can handle it.  You catch yourself when you think about procrastinating or putting something off that is hard or you can’t do it PERFECTLY!


After three months in The Breakthrough, your subconscious thoughts are now easy to spot and change.

You’re naturally and effortlessly thinking more positive, productive, and helpful thoughts, and when you look back at your thoughts from month 1, you don’t even recognize some of them anymore. You work your business as the powerful human you always knew you could be. You show up in your personal life as the magnetic, loving, and happy person you always wanted to be. And most importantly you’re excited for the future, because you are so proud of the work you’ve already done that you can’t wait to find out where managing your mind and where The Breakthrough is going to take you next!


Don’t wait until tomorrow…

The fine print:
Your membership will give you access to either 3 or 6 full months of content as soon as you sign up.  You are going to be blown away at all of the content…
There are no refunds. Because you won’t want one!

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