After your first month working with us you’ll start noticing that you have a new found awareness around your thoughts!

You are no longer blindly led by your subconscious.  You’ve started by making small shifts and have learned to recognize “pivotal moments” when they show up!  You are starting to feel less and less controlled or restricted by your calendar and you are starting to learn how to keep your word to yourself.  You now have the tools that will take you beyond rebellion and you’ve started to embrace order & structure.  You have greater connections and you have learned the art of intrinsic validation.


After two months working with us you are no longer freaked out by the word vulnerability & you are focused more on being present.

Your connections are getting stronger and stronger because you are showing up authentically without being afraid of being vulnerable.  You are learning how to eliminate expectations and focus on gratitude for where you are right now.  You are doing the work necessary to achieve your goals, because you are focused on the process NOT the outcome.  You now know how to focus on the things you CAN control rather than those you CAN ‘T!


After three months working with us you are motivated more from a place of choice and your results are starting to change…

Obligation, fear or perfection are no longer your driving forces and you are starting to find yourself less distracted as a form of avoidance.  Keeping your word to yourself is something that no longer is a thought but rather a MUST!   You are finding it easier and easier to stop rebelling against yourself and others, and the result in your relationships, both business & personal, as well as in you productivity is really starting to show up!

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