Failing Forward

Failing Forward



Are you asking yourself “what on earth does failing forward mean?”

It kind of sounds counterintuitive, don’t the words FAILING and FORWARD contradict themselves?  How can you possibly be moving forward, but be failing?

Here’s the secret – if you are moving forward there’s a good chance you are going to fail (at least in the traditional sense of the word).  But, here’s what we believe…

Failing is actually another word for learning – it allows us to grow,  become better and in fact, is the exact reason that we can become successful.  If we are moving forward, taking any kind of action, it doesn’t matter if we get it 100% right, because here’s another secret – you can’t course correct or change direction if you are not moving at all.  We have heard it said too many times that people don’t want to “do the wrong thing”, “make a mistake”, “go in the wrong direction” or “not do it just right”, when in reality it is actually necessary to do all of those things.  How can we possibly know the difference between right and wrong if we have never experienced wrong?

I have told my kids many times that sometimes, even though it’s hard, it’s important to experience things that are not great (a breakup, a bad grade in school, a job you don’t love), so you can then know what you DO want or want to achieve.

I remember when I left High School (in England you leave when you’re 16).  I had the choice to go to college, or go and get a job.  I decided that I didn’t want any more school – I was DONE with it.  I had learned how to type really well in school and had set my sights on getting a job in an office.  The experience I had envisioned was nothing like the one I had.  I thought I would be the Executive Assistant to the Director, be working directly with him, typing his letters etc…But here’s what it was really like – I was the lowest person on the ladder.  I made the tea and coffee and had a girl that was not much older than me that clearly had a superiority complex that liked to demean me and put me down.  It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was NOT for me!  I set about applying to colleges in the US and the rest is history.  My parents knew not to push me that I would figure it out in my own time.  They knew me so well, because they knew that I was not going to stay stuck there.  Had I not experienced that little “bump in the road”, I don’t think I would be where I am today.  

You see, I had taken some action.  I had failed (or at least I had found the need to course correct), and found the life I love.  I believe 100% that we have control over our own destiny, but first we have to take the first step.

Let me ask – are you ready to FAIL FORWARD?  What steps are you willing to take to do it?

Do you consider investing in yourself to be worth your time or effort?  We see so many people that put themselves last on a long list and then wonder why they don’t have the energy to pursue their dreams to make their relationships successful.

Is 2021 the year that you decide that enough is enough and course correct your life?

If you want to find out more about how we can help you do that – and trust me, we have done that with over 1,000,000 individuals, then you are going to want to check out our programs and see which one fits YOU!

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings



It seems like at the beginning of every year we talk about resolutions, things we want to change and how we want our lives to improve, but what do we implement to make sure that we actually do make the changes we want to achieve our goals.

Our habits very often have a strong-hold on us, and it is only with repetition, persistence, accountability and passion can we change those habits.  Here at Brandon Barber Coaching we want to help you create sustained passion through accountability.  Holding yourself accountable is vital, but very often not all that is needed to create the life fulfillment and happiness that you need.

We can help you find all of these things and many more:

  1. What is holding you back.
  2. Why you are not finding joy in your journey.
  3. Why happiness isn’t tied to fulfillment.
  4. How you could be sabotaging your own success and happiness.
  5. What limiting beliefs are causing you to be “stuck”.


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