Introducing our 1:1 Elite Coaching Program.

6 MONTH PROGRAM |  $7,997

This is a very small, exclusive group, and we will support you in the following ways:
  • 6 months of personal coaching with Brandon
  • Bi-weekly Inner Circle calls
  • Access to the Brandon Barber Coaching Mindset Makeover Facebook Group during your coaching
  • “Support me now!”  lifeline bonuses
  • Total Immersion Experience
  • Breakthrough Coaching Modules

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Brandon

Most high-end coaching programs don’t offer personalized coaching with the company’s founder and CEO, or if they do, it can cost over $20,000!  With our 1:1 Elite Coaching, Brandon will personally guide you on your coaching journey. Your customized coaching calls will empower you to take action, tackle challenges and create massive breakthroughs personally and professionally. During this program you will receive:

  • 12 scheduled 1:1 Private Coaching sessions with Brandon (note:  we require a 24-hour cancellation notice once these sessions are scheduled)
  • Recordings of every call available for download

Personal Group Coaching Calls

12 bi-weekly 1-hour Elite Inner Circle Calls.  That’s an additional 12 hours of personal coaching!  These calls, led by Brandon, allow you to collaborate with highly motivated, like-minded individuals, also in the Elite Program.  You will gain new insights and share the tools needed to take your business and life to the next level!

East session you will meet virtually to:

  • Gain greater awareness into your thought processes
  • Learn effective tools to move you towards personal and professional success
  • Share ideas with other high-impact leaders
  • Address coaching questions or concerns

You will learn:

  • How to create a compelling future
  • How to effectively communicate with others and self
  • How to empower yourself
  • How to eliminate unwanted Trash Talk and create Compassionate Talk
  • To experience gratitude in any moment
  • How expectations create sabotage

Total Immersion Experience


  • Lifetime access to our online learning platform
  • Free registration for all one day events and speaking engagements this year
  • Exclusive VIP access at all our events and workshops this year


          • Follow your to do list without getting distracted
          • Become a better leader
          • Have more time in your day
          • Stress less
          • Have more belief in yourself
          • Stop comparing yourself to others
          • Eliminate doing everything yourself
          • Connect better with your spouse
  • Communicate better
  • Connect better with your kids
  • Have more energy
  • Make more money
  • Get out of the rut
  • Have more passion
  • Be nicer to yourself
  • Be more disciplined

Elite Coaching Program Value

Personal Group Coaching Calls Value

Total Immersion Experience Value

Coaching Training Modules Value

Facebook Group Value



$     14,400

$       3,600

$       2,999

$       6,000

$          180



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