Our Coaching Programs help you close the gap between where you ARE and where you want to BE!


How will Coaching work for you?

We can help you uncover your subconscious thoughts and create action steps to CHANGE your life!

And guess what, we’re amazing at what we do…!

BUT – you have to be “ALL IN” for it to work!

So…are you ready?  Let’s go “all in”!

The First step is to do something that is going to take you outside of your comfort zone – like signing up for one of our Coaching programs!

Next, make a choice to NOT quit when things get hard, you haven’t done the work “perfectly” or you find yourself in need of distractions.

Because here’s the funny thing, your brain is going to want to keep you exactly where you are.  It’s going to want to stop you from making changes that your brain considers a threat to you – and that includes any coaching to make your life better!

We will help you uncover the subconscious thoughts that are getting in the way of your success, and give you real action steps to take to make your life, business & relationships amazing!


Are you ready to take it on?

Fear is going to want to hold you back – you’re not going to let it control your life are you?

You know, fear of the unknown, fear of not trusting yourself to do the work, fear of the cost, fear of taking on too much…and on and on!



Our Coaching gives you…

Structure, accountability, stress reduction and consistency in managing your mind – that that in turn will up-level your whole life!
Here’s how we make the magic happen:

Our Coaching Programs Include:

One on one calls with your coach 

Group calls with no more than 10 people

Organized modules to guide you through your program

Videos that help provide clarity

Our program provides you with the tools to create more order & structure in your life/business

Workbook with detailed information about what you will be learning

Access to our Private Facebook Group


Find out what it looks like to work with Brandon directly in our Elite LEAP Coaching Program
Find out what it looks like to work with Brandon in our LEAP Coaching Program

Find out what it looks like to work with Brandon in our Hero’s Path Coaching Program designed for Men!
Find out more about our hybrid Coaching program “The Breakthrough”
Find out more about our exclusive “Mindset Makeover” Facebook Group



After your first month working with us you’ll start noticing that you have a new found awareness around your thoughts!

You are no longer blindly led by your subconscious.  You’ve started by making small shifts and have learned to recognize “pivotal moments” when they show up!  You are starting to feel less and less controlled or restricted by your calendar and you are starting to learn how to keep your word to yourself.  You now have the tools that will take you beyond rebellion and you’ve started to embrace order & structure.  You have greater connections and you have learned the art of intrinsic validation.


After two months working with us you are no longer freaked out by the word vulnerability & you are focused more on being present.

Your connections are getting stronger and stronger because you are showing up authentically without being afraid of being vulnerable.  You are learning how to eliminate expectations and focus on gratitude for where you are right now.  You are doing the work necessary to achieve your goals, because you are focused on the process NOT the outcome.  You now know how to focus on the things you CAN control rather than those you CAN ‘T!


After three months working with us you are motivated more from a place of choice and your results are starting to change…

Obligation, fear or perfection are no longer your driving forces and you are starting to find yourself less distracted as a form of avoidance.  Keeping your word to yourself is something that no longer is a thought but rather a MUST!   You are finding it easier and easier to stop rebelling against yourself and others, and the result in your relationships, both business & personal, as well as in you productivity is really starting to show up!


The fine print:

All our Coaching Programs are a 6-12 month non-cancelable commitment.  There are no refunds or cancellations – because you won’t want one.  You are legally and financially responsible for the full tuition of the program.
If you signed up for the Coaching Program at an event, you have 48 hours from the event date to cancel your order.
*Under special circumstances you may contact our office to discuss alternative payment options* –

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