We’ve been featured…

We’ve been featured…

We love sharing our story, but we love it even more when someone else wants to share it as well!

When Brandon was just featured in a Canvas Revel magazine…
He got really vulnerable (well, you know, it is what we teach) and shared some real challenges we have faced in our business and in our life.

We are all facing Challenges…

It was such a timely publication because what we feel is happening in the world right now is really challenging.  We are seeing mental illness increase dramatically, relationships challenges, businesses struggle and people just feel like they are in survival mode without any real motivation to get out of it.  When we are in survival mode it is there for a reason.  It is to help us survive, and let’s be honest, we have NEEDED to survive the past few years!  The problem is that when we are in survival mode we are unable to really enjoy things.  We have our heads down, not enjoying or looking for the beauty in our lives and in the world!    Unfortunately, it can be challenge to get out of survival mode because it doesn’t feel safe,  and it doesn’t feel like we can trust that things will be OK if we start to let our guard down.

Trust us…we get it!  And Brandon certainly does, as he shares in this article!

Because of all the changes everyone has been through (not by any choice of our own), it’s no wonder that the thought of taking on our brains or thoughts can be the last thing we want to do.  It kind of feels like opening pandora’s box, not knowing what you are going to find and how it’s going to CHANGE your life (again!).

For anyone that experiences any kind of Anxiety, not feeling “certain”, “sure” or “in control” of things is something you probably avoid at ALL COSTS – right?!  What if we told you that the amount true happiness, fulfillment or joy in your life is in direct proportion to how much uncertainty, discomfort or variety you are willing to tolerate?

Read the Article!

Give this article a read HERE and then let us know how we can help YOU embrace the uncertainty!!

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We know what the typical meaning behind the acronym GPA is, and that is not what this is!


Not “Income Producing Activities”, but Growth Producing Activities!  The kind of activities that are necessary for you to actually achieve any increase in income…but they are the steps we very often forget when we are thinking about what we need to do to make our business stronger!

It may seem like a simple concept, but don’t let that simplicity fool you…

So many people forget the steps necessary to achieve their dreams or goals and the spend the time focusing on the end result rather than the action steps.  What we love about GPA’s is that they are mainly focused on service, gratitude and discomfort – which ultimately creates the growth needed!

As you know habits are created by repeating something over and over until they become something we don’t have to think about any more!  So why not turn some of these activities into HABITS, and you can first start to do that by spending a week doing at least one of these activities per day…

We KNOW that if you start there, each week after that when you choose to repeat the same actions or activities, they will become easier and easier!

Why not print off this sheet and give it a go?!

What do you have to lose?


If you love what you see here, we would love it if you would share it with those you know could benefit from this post!

Stay tuned for another take on IPA’s over the next week…trust us, the next one is one that is REALLY needed in the world right now!


Another Successful Virtual Event

Another Successful Virtual Event


So, we did a thing…We worked with Sage Events (the company that Tony Robbins uses for all his events), and they helped us create a Virtual Event like none we have EVER done before.  We created a Dashboard exclusive to that event where all attendees could access links to the calls, find out what to expect, earn points for prizes, and so much more!




We were really nervous about how it would all turn out,  but we know based on the feedback of those that attended, that it was AMAZING!

So, here’s a question…are you going to be joining us on our next Virtual The Power of You June 25th – 27th?

Brandon really brought his energy, and we felt the Breakthroughs.  We knew and could feel what people were experiencing and I’ve gotta tell you, it was almost as good as being able to hug and high five everyone in person!

If you hadn’t really thought about attending one of our events, or if you didn’t know anything about it, you owe it to yourself to find out more.  Talk to someone you might know who has either been to one of our events or has coached with us, because we know what they’re going to tell you…

They’re going to say to buy your ticket AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you don’t miss out!

So ASK…find out from those that have worked with us or have attended one of our events…find out what it could mean in YOUR life!

Nothing changes unless YOU DO!!

You can click HERE to register Now!


Top 5 Ways to get Unstuck in your Business

Top 5 Ways to get Unstuck in your Business




The amazing thing about running your own business is that you get to do it however you want, but that is also one of the things that causes a lot of entrepreneurs to get stuck and not know how to move forward!

So, before we start digging into how you can get UNSTUCK, let’s find out if you really are STUCK!

The quickest way for you to ask yourself some questions…

1.  Do you feel like you should be further along in your business than you are?
2.  Do you enjoy the day to day working of your business?
3.  Are you able to balance your business & personal life effectively?
4.  Are you able to delegate?

What did you find out?

Are you so attached to the outcome that you can’t enjoy the journey or day to day of working your business?
Do you find yourself working more and more only to feel burned out and want to quit?
Is your to-do list EVERYTHING because you know that if you don’t handle everything then it won’t get done right?

It is so crazy how our thoughts can actually sabotage our own success…

So here are 5 quick ways to get you unstuck:

  1. Focus on Gratitude – what can you be grateful for in this moment?  What about your business is amazing, what does it do for you and your family?
  2. Stop Multi-tasking – it sounds counterintuitive but when we multi-task it mentally drains us, and actually ends us making us LESS productive.  It also takes us out of the present moment, where true joy and gratitude can be found!
  3. Give yourself some grace – how you talk to yourself when you are happy, sad, successful, make a mistakes or fail has a huge impact on your life.  Do you allow yourself to fall down, knowing that it is just a stepping stone to success or do you find yourself talking to yourself the way that you would never let anyone else talk to you?
  4. Empower someone – when the focus shifts from SELF to SERVICE it is much easier to find the good in all you do.  When you allow someone else to serve you by giving them tasks or delegating to them, it makes you a stronger and more relatable leader.
  5. Be authentic – if you want to attract more people to work with you and connect with you, the only way to create real, true connections is by being your authentic self.  People have a hard time relating to people that have “everything together”…it is much easier to connect with someone that makes mistakes, and isn’t afraid to show that they’re not perfect!


These are 5 quick easy steps to get you on track to being unstuck…

Our Breakthrough Coaching program is simple, easy effective and walks you through these 5 steps as well as:

Judgement, expectations, motivation, self-esteem, gratitude, connection, and so many more…


Want to find out more?  Just click here – you can sign up now for our 3 month program for only $497 or 2 payments of $269


Failing Forward

Failing Forward



Are you asking yourself “what on earth does failing forward mean?”

It kind of sounds counterintuitive, don’t the words FAILING and FORWARD contradict themselves?  How can you possibly be moving forward, but be failing?

Here’s the secret – if you are moving forward there’s a good chance you are going to fail (at least in the traditional sense of the word).  But, here’s what we believe…

Failing is actually another word for learning – it allows us to grow,  become better and in fact, is the exact reason that we can become successful.  If we are moving forward, taking any kind of action, it doesn’t matter if we get it 100% right, because here’s another secret – you can’t course correct or change direction if you are not moving at all.  We have heard it said too many times that people don’t want to “do the wrong thing”, “make a mistake”, “go in the wrong direction” or “not do it just right”, when in reality it is actually necessary to do all of those things.  How can we possibly know the difference between right and wrong if we have never experienced wrong?

I have told my kids many times that sometimes, even though it’s hard, it’s important to experience things that are not great (a breakup, a bad grade in school, a job you don’t love), so you can then know what you DO want or want to achieve.

I remember when I left High School (in England you leave when you’re 16).  I had the choice to go to college, or go and get a job.  I decided that I didn’t want any more school – I was DONE with it.  I had learned how to type really well in school and had set my sights on getting a job in an office.  The experience I had envisioned was nothing like the one I had.  I thought I would be the Executive Assistant to the Director, be working directly with him, typing his letters etc…But here’s what it was really like – I was the lowest person on the ladder.  I made the tea and coffee and had a girl that was not much older than me that clearly had a superiority complex that liked to demean me and put me down.  It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was NOT for me!  I set about applying to colleges in the US and the rest is history.  My parents knew not to push me that I would figure it out in my own time.  They knew me so well, because they knew that I was not going to stay stuck there.  Had I not experienced that little “bump in the road”, I don’t think I would be where I am today.  

You see, I had taken some action.  I had failed (or at least I had found the need to course correct), and found the life I love.  I believe 100% that we have control over our own destiny, but first we have to take the first step.

Let me ask – are you ready to FAIL FORWARD?  What steps are you willing to take to do it?

Do you consider investing in yourself to be worth your time or effort?  We see so many people that put themselves last on a long list and then wonder why they don’t have the energy to pursue their dreams to make their relationships successful.

Is 2021 the year that you decide that enough is enough and course correct your life?

If you want to find out more about how we can help you do that – and trust me, we have done that with over 1,000,000 individuals, then you are going to want to check out our programs and see which one fits YOU!

Click here for info on all the levels of Coaching we offer!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings



It seems like at the beginning of every year we talk about resolutions, things we want to change and how we want our lives to improve, but what do we implement to make sure that we actually do make the changes we want to achieve our goals.

Our habits very often have a strong-hold on us, and it is only with repetition, persistence, accountability and passion can we change those habits.  Here at Brandon Barber Coaching we want to help you create sustained passion through accountability.  Holding yourself accountable is vital, but very often not all that is needed to create the life fulfillment and happiness that you need.

We can help you find all of these things and many more:

  1. What is holding you back.
  2. Why you are not finding joy in your journey.
  3. Why happiness isn’t tied to fulfillment.
  4. How you could be sabotaging your own success and happiness.
  5. What limiting beliefs are causing you to be “stuck”.


During the month of January is the perfect time for us to focus on Self-Empowerment, and that is the topic of our videos, posts and Live’s in our Exclusive Facebook Group.  Our Facebook Group has been live now for a little over 2 months – if you’re not part of it, you’re really missing out.  You can click here to choose one of our 2 options to subscribe.  It is a great way to dip your toes into the water of what our coaching looks like with only a small investment.  After all, if you don’t invest in yourself because you’re worth it who will?

Start off 2019 the right way and subscribe to our Facebook Group – it is interactive and perfect for even the busiest of lives!


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