Meet Brandon




Brandon teaches powerful tools designed to move you away from thought patterns that are robbing you from your greatest potential so you can go on to create the business, relationships & life you deserve!

About Brandon

For over 20 years I have worked with individuals to help them create successful businesses, thriving relationships and so much more love, appreciation and fulfillment in their lives.

What I have noticed is that most people don’t even realize that they have “blind spots” where it comes to certain areas of their lives, and these blind spots are what are actually keeping them from their own success and happiness.

We have a tool that helps us identify those areas, and we teach real-action tools to change them.

Through my own challenges with mental health, anxiety, depression, cancer, & work/life imbalances I have taken on the shadow work that allows me to share my journey, what works for me, and how to help others implement it in their lives…



Why I created our Coaching Programs:

Over the past twenty years I have seen so many people stuck in thought patterns and behaviors that are literally robbing them of reaching their greatest potential.  I believe that these thought patterns and behaviors can be changed…

In fact, our greatest success is the success of those that work with us.  We have seen lives transformed, relationships repaired and businesses thrive after working in our programs!

If you are not living the truly extraordinary life you deserve, that stops right here and now…once you jump in and work with us!


We will help you:

  • Learn tools that will push you through the resistance that is keeping you “stuck” where you are.
  • Eliminate fears of rejection and failure.
  • Move beyond self-judgement
  • Manage stress so can find more fulfillment and joy in your journey

What our Clients have experienced:

  • A high percentage of our clients find that their intimate relationships show a dramatic increase in intimate interaction and connection.
  • A high number of our clients notice an overall better awareness & understanding of themselves and  report a feeling of purpose in their roles in the world.
  • The majority of our clients find themselves more organized, procrastinate less  & can eliminate the need to “get it all done” and “do it all” themselves.
  • There is a significant reduction in anxiety, depression & overall unease.
  • There is a 50% decrease in worry around business & money.
  • A high percentage of our clients report a significant decrease in drama in their business!
  • The majority of our clients report a dramatically improved & healthier way of dealing with stress & problems in their lives.
  • When asked how they handle stress after finishing our coaching program, our clients say that their stress levels have gone down from an average of 9 to a 5.
  • Every one of our clients report that our coaching helps with every aspect of their lives, not just business.

Meet Michelle

Michelle brings the feminine to events & coaching.  She believes that femininity is a super power…and she can help you tap into yours! 

Couples love working with Brandon & Michelle side by side, so that they can get both the masculine & the feminine perspective.

About Michelle


Michelle moved from England to the U.S. 24 years ago.  She was a top Media Sales Account Executive in the state of Utah for 20 years.  What she loved most about her job was working with people to develop solutions & help grow their business.

Her experience, relationship nurturing and enthusiasm translates perfectly to her role at Brandon Barber Coaching…

She loves working with Brandon, traveling with him to his events,  helping create Virtual events, as well as getting to know all of our amazing clients on a close, personal basis so she can see them transform their lives.

She is the mother of 4 boys and has been happily married to Brandon for over 21 years.

She has a passion for style, fashion, developing long lasting relationships, helping others, and confidence coaching.  She believes that true self confidence comes when you are not afraid to be yourself and has helped other women learn to embrace their own inner uniqueness and harness their feminine power.




Couples Coaching 

In our Couples Coaching Programs, unlike any other coaching out there, Brandon & Michelle together to bring YOU the best of both masculine and feminine perspectives.

Because of their own relationship struggles and growth, you will hear their vulnerabilities & authenticity.  You will feel a complete lack of judgement, and support as they teach you tools to create a “raving fan” relationship built on empathy and support.


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