We know what the typical meaning behind the acronym GPA is, and that is not what this is!


Not “Income Producing Activities”, but Growth Producing Activities!  The kind of activities that are necessary for you to actually achieve any increase in income…but they are the steps we very often forget when we are thinking about what we need to do to make our business stronger!

It may seem like a simple concept, but don’t let that simplicity fool you…

So many people forget the steps necessary to achieve their dreams or goals and the spend the time focusing on the end result rather than the action steps.  What we love about GPA’s is that they are mainly focused on service, gratitude and discomfort – which ultimately creates the growth needed!

As you know habits are created by repeating something over and over until they become something we don’t have to think about any more!  So why not turn some of these activities into HABITS, and you can first start to do that by spending a week doing at least one of these activities per day…

We KNOW that if you start there, each week after that when you choose to repeat the same actions or activities, they will become easier and easier!

Why not print off this sheet and give it a go?!

What do you have to lose?


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Stay tuned for another take on IPA’s over the next week…trust us, the next one is one that is REALLY needed in the world right now!


The Relationship Formula Virtual

The Relationship Formula Virtual


Are you in a Relationship that seems to have lost its Spark or Passion?

Do you want to take your Relationship from just OK to EXCEPTIONAL?

Then you’re going to want to keep reading…

You see, we know that if you’re not WORKING on your RELATIONSHIP, then you are WORKING on your DIVORCE!

Do you find yourself feeling resentful, bitter or just plain unhappy with your significant other?

Do you want to know if you are Masculine or Feminine at your core and learn how to live in that place?

Do you want to create a Raving Fan Culture in your relationship so you can have a Chemical Romance?

Do you want to rebuild theTrust and Love you had when you met?

Do you want to learn to see life through the other person’s lens?



Couples work is now roughly 75% effective.
75% of people who do relationship work report it being highly effective.
59% improvement as a result of counseling.
91% improvement as a result of coaching.
Coaching provided a 32% greater value than counseling.

~Source: American Psychological Association.

So, how do you know if you need to join us at this Virtual Event created exclusively for couples?  Well…


  • Are in a relationship that is not meeting your expectations?
  • Need a greater awareness in your relationship
  • Need tools to create an exceptional intimate relationship
  • Need to start recognizing the gratitude for your significant other
  • Crave a relationship built on trust


  • Learn how to more effectively communicate with your significant other
  • Recognize triggers and eliminate the control they have in your relationship
  • Learn how to recognize and eliminate expectations that are sabotaging
  • Empower yourself to take ownership of your part in the relationship




Come and Join us for a Weekend full of Relationship Breakthroughs…

Trust us…you will be glad you did!

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