The coaching has helped me to relax and to learn to happily achieve instead of achieve to be happy. The beauty is that my business continues to grow with less strife and stress! Yay!

This is the best marital coaching/counseling we have ever had. I am so glad I took the chance and signed up for this coaching. It is a game changer for both my business and relationships!



Andrea Lahman, Diamond Leader


“We are happier, mentally stronger, our teams and our numbers have grown over 50%. We have a better handle on our business, our leadership style, and our personal lives.  Everyone is saying ‘You guys are on fire.’”

Amy and Jody Marble, Gold Leaders

I’ve had my first multiple five figure months and five figure weeks since working with Brandon! I am now one of the top 200 businesses for my company in the world! My business has grown 50% in the 6 months with coaching and I have attracted more leaders in the past 6 months than the 2.5 years prior and the quality of my marriage has improved dramatically.

Rebecca Cafiero

This coaching works! I started coaching and within a very short time my team sales went up 65% and my personal income increased 58%, and I did it through joy and peace, instead of anxiety and frustration.

Kelly Evans

Take a moment to think back on a time in your past. Think of a specific time when an individual had a tremendous impact on your life—someone in the past whom you trusted for guidance in areas you only shared with a select few—it could have been a past coach, mentor, pastor, professor, parent, or friend. Brandon Barber is this person. He is a very uniquely talented individual who has had a huge impact in my life. I have worked with Brandon now for about three years. Originally, I was very skeptical of the program. Now, I have the utmost confidence in Brandon and his coaching program. Two years after I began my coaching, I brought Brandon into my organization for my key leadership team. I have seen the positive impact personally and professionally in them. If you want to take your life (personally and professionally) to the next level, invest the money in a coaching program with Brandon Barber Coaching. The program will pay you back ten-fold.

Ryan Joswick

Regional Sales Director, Cintas Corporation

Me and my team of leaders did a series of coaching with Brandon.
We wanted to accelerate our personal growth and grow our business. We definitely accomplished both. I saw a huge change in all of us that were part of that group program and most of our individual business had 80-100% growth as a result of this coaching series!
It was remarkable! This year we are doing it again with my leaders! Brandon knows how to get our Consultants “un-stuck” in areas that we can’t touch with our consultant coaching.

NVP Gosia Moore

I had double digit % growth in my income in one year.  Through the months I worked with Brandon I had 29% Volume growth in my business and have continued that growth and am currently trending at 35-40% Volume growth.

NVP Tammy VanDerVeen

After working with Brandon – I discovered the key piece I needed to launch my team to the next level.   We promoted to the next level and it is helping me MANAGE rapid growth on a business and personal level. Coaching with him was the BEST investment of time and money I’ve made in years!

Senior Executive Director Yvonne Mattson

Working with Brandon has given me more confidence to coach effectively! I am better equipped with the questions to ask instead of having to come up with every solution.

NVP Val Darien

Working with the Brandon Barber Coaching program has been an incredible tool for me to overcome obstacles that were getting in my way to becoming a top leader in my company. I have learned to be a better leader and coach for the women I work with. I would highly recommend teaming up with the Brandon Barber Coaching group. You will see results in your personal life and your business!


Leah L.
Dayton, OH

I Needed a Change –
Before I began coaching with Brandon, I knew that I needed to do something different to propel my life and my business forward. I wasn’t quite sure what it was that needed to change!

On my very first call with Brandon, answers started to reveal themselves, with his guidance. I’m now able to deal with everyday life in a completely different way.

Business is way up!
Relationships are way up!
Joy and Passion way up!
Brandon is my secret weapon………

Bethany Crouse

I am a HUGE Fan of Brandon Barber!  I run a business with a large team of people!

There are times in running a large company that you come to a point where you feel you are not enough!  Working with Brandon has helped me change my mindset and be able to fully understand “WHY” and move forward in my Career, my Family, my Friends and even my walk with God!

I took his Assessment and found out things about myself that I didn’t realize or did not want to admit!  I have recommended to many people that I work with to take the Assessment and see where they are within themselves and I would recommend for you to do the same!  I think you will be surprised!


Sandy Herbert
RFX Circle 5 Million Dollar Earner

I have been in personal development for 25 years.  After working with Brandon and his group it has brought my daily personal development to a whole new level, like 10 times.


Scott and Katie Strong
Gold Leaders

I started experiencing more joy immediately! I am enjoying the journey so much more and at a deeper level! The bonus is my relationship with my husband and kids is at a whole new level. My self awareness and income has increased and it’s a direct correlation to the personal growth I have experienced through the coaching. We became an RFx team and continue to grow and become stronger as a team.

Cherielyn Estebar, RFx Circle Achiever

The coaching has been a game changer. I now know how to create a better understanding of people and how to build trust quickly in a brand new way. I am able to attract more of what I want. I found new ways of communicating with prospects and many new ideas for working with my team so as to empower them. I reached outrageous goals in record time, almost without explanation. I advanced in rank from 8 star platinum to 9 star platinum.

Ellen Ganus

I’m making better decisions. I am in more control. I am more present. My days are happier and lighter. I feel like I regained my energy and don’t always feel drained. I am proud of who I am. I feel younger. I feel more free and my husband and I are acting like we did when we first met.

NVP Jesika Garsch


When I started my coaching program with Brandon I was operating at the lowest vibration possible, through the personal coaching he has helped me stand in my own power as a man, husband and father.   I am now excited to life my life purpose, to not only help others, but to also to help myself.   His experience and coaching techniques have improved all aspects of my personal, relationship and business life.   
Shawn DeBruyn

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“I’ve seen this coaching work wonders, for everyone who’s gotten involved.”

NVP Erin Van Imschoot

We brought Brandon Barber Coaching in and did a one day event and a coaching follow-up program over 4 months with 30 people ranging from sales to service. During the coaching some amazing things happened. We had our best production in December and January ever. The communication and teamwork in those groups improved dramatically. You could actually see the changes in people. I have done a lot of training in the car industry, but nothing remotely compared to the long-lasting, life and business changes that this training did for me and everyone on my team.

Blake Strong

Owner Audi Salt Lake

Working with the Brandon Barber Coaching Group has helped me listen to others and their needs more—to really communicate instead of talking AT someone, which is helping us build more leaders and our team in general.

Jill Davis

DeSoto, KS

We used the Assessment and workshop format with our sales and marketing staff. Along with the assessment, the workshop allowed us to examine the rather diverse ways of thinking exhibited by our sales people. There were several intense personal revelations, and a real change in attitude amongst the staff as a result of the session. As a life-long salesperson I was struck with the simplicity and wisdom of “intrinsic validation.” It is a concept that is now the core value in our entire sales and marketing. The assessments revealed some very talented people who were held back by imbalances in how they listened to their internal voices. The effects of this program have been significant… very demonstrable results in just a few weeks.

Michael Morris

President, Ocean Optics, Inc.

We wanted to reach a goal that had been in place for 4 years but just kept missing it.I hosted a workshop, which lead to a few tweaks for me and some of our key area members…WOW…we exceeded our EXPECTATIONS! This was truly a new emotional HIGH for me! Our GOAL was Top 10 in my division…we hit #8!!  It propelled us to our highest income ranking to date… over $200,000 in commissions alone!

Maybe we would have reached this level EVENTUALLY…but at a much higher cost of time and frustration. But what if we didn’t reach it EVER?  AWARENESS, and WILLINGNESS to SHIFT were keys in the understanding of my thoughts!

Rebecca E.

Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, NV