3 Simple Steps to Enjoying More Happiness

siple steps to enjoying more happiness

What does it mean to be happy? Is it feeling alive or having a lot of energy? Feeling light? Being open? Having a sense of love and compassion not only for you, but also for other people? To me, being happy is having an absolute passion for your work and for your life; it is a feeling of gratitude, and it is peace. Happiness is about being in the present moment.

So what makes some people happier than others? Is it wealth or external riches? According to Forbes list of the wealthiest people in America, 40% are less happy than the average individual. This shows that happiness is internal, not external, and that we choose whether to be happy or not. You can change your degree of happiness with concerted effort. We get caught up thinking we will be happy if and when our expectations of where we should be in life come true. For example, I will be happy if I find love, I will be happy when I become successful, etc. We are constantly chasing happiness, actively pursuing something that may seem elusive. But what if, instead of chasing happiness, you start to practice it?

Happiness shouldn’t be this thing that we are trying to find or chase. Finding happiness is not some deep secret. Happiness lies within us. Focusing on these three simple steps will help to put you on the path to finding real happiness:


Get out of your comfort zone. Every morning wake up and ask what you can do today to get out of your comfort zone. Once a month, try something you haven’t ever done before.
zone. Once a month, try something you haven’t ever done before.


Every day, be grateful for what you have: your family, your health, your friends, the beauty of the world around you. Gratitude increases your level of happiness by making you aware of all of the amazing gifts that surround you.


You can call it the universe, you can call it God, but whatever you call it, start realizing that life is supporting you, not out to get you. The biggest happiness killer is playing the victim or living in self-pity. When you feel you are not good enough, or less than others, you are caught in a selfish frame of mind, and you rob those around you of your best self.

We all have the power to be happy, right now. What will you focus on? How will you choose to be happy?

Tina F. in Carlisle, OH

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